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We rent efficient and affordable electric bikes for transport and food delivery.



High standards of quality service is what makes E-Monster bike unique!

At E-Monster bike, We aim to connect our community by providing a straightforward solution to your everyday transport needs. Whether you are earning extra money through a delivery platform, or looking to optimize your everyday commute, our goal as a company is to ensure that we can provide the best service and support along the way.

All good things begin by being at the other side of the wheel and understanding the need for a quality bike and genuine support. We acknowledge your specific needs, and deliver our service to your doorstep. Being able to provide a personalized service and human connection fuels us with gratitude and motivation to deliver the best service to our community of riders.

Why choose us?


Customer Service Experience

We have been servicing our community of riders by word of mouth for more than a year! We are preferred by our customers and recommended to our riders for our commitment to our community, the experience of having quality servicing delivered to you is unbeatable and a one-of-a-kind in the market. You don’t need to come in with your bike, we always come to you!


We pride ourselves in delivering an all-around service at an affordable price.

Expertise and experience

We love what we do, and our Bike mechanic takes care of our bikes with knowledge and detail. Ensuring you have a safe, reliable, and speedy ride!

Free Maintenance and assistance

One of our key services, everything from brakes to adjustments are all on us! We want to ensure your rental bike always feels like new.

Electric bike hire plans

Rent stunning and affordable electric bikes, through a weekly rental system with no lock in contracts or hidden joining fees!

Weekly Rental includes: 

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Phone Holder

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USB Light set

(Rear and front)

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Quality Lock

(Sold Secure approved)

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Tool kit

Extras upon request:

Extra battery / Free delivery bags upon request

Rent to
own plans

Planning on having your e-bike for a while? Fell in love with the one you have been renting? We have you covered! We have rent to own plans tailored to your needs

subject to availability, please contact a staff member for further information to arrange a plan best fit for your needs.

What we require:

  • $100 refundable bond
  • Copy of international passport / Proof of ID
  • Proof of address document
  • Signed Rental Agreement 
  • Minimum 1 week of rental

E-Monster Bike



Frequently Asked Questions


For optimal results, charging time for a full battery is 6-8 hours. We recommend you fully charge your battery at least once a day to be able to get the best use of your battery life. If you have split shifts during the day, you can always recharge the battery in between use for more riding hours of use.

Please advise to one of our team members as soon as possible so we can arrange a technician to take care of your bike. Don’t worry, we will come to you as soon as possible! If we are unable to fix your bike on the spot we will give you a replacement until we can solve the issue, that way you don’t lose work time and you can get back on the roads !

Our technician usually schedules maintenance for every 4-5 weeks, however this is especial to every bike and depends on how functional your bike is after a couple weeks of use. If you feel anything is a little off before this time, please contact our team members and we will arrange a maintenance for a time best suited for you!

As stated before, the maintenance is FREE of charge. Our bike technician will do everything to leave your bike feeling like new. The services included in the maintenance are chain cleaning, lubrication, gear adjustment, brake replacement and maintenance, tire pressure. 

We consider any damage outside of regular wear and tear  as additional damage that is not covered in the rental  plan, according to the procedure for part replacement, you will incur in a fee for the cost of the part that is needed to be replaced as new. We are considerate of the fact that accidents happen, and will try to find a way to settle at the best price or avoid replacement where possible.

Bonds are 100% refundable. They can be used as at the end of a rental to pay for any damages incurred during the rental time

At the time being there isn’t an insurance company in Australia that covers theft and damage insurance for deliver partners, we are working hard to find the best solution and offer our customers insurance. If your bike is stolen please report the event as soon as possible to our team members, and to police authorities to report the theft. You are held responsible for covering the cost of the bike and any accessories stolen, this is why it’s so important to use proper bike locking practices we provide you with at the start of your lease, this will minimise the chances of this event happening.

Get In touch


We´d love to hear from you to further inform you about our services. 

We will ensure to contact you as soon as possible at a time that is best suited for you!

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available from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm